A Blog Address…

I’m blogging after a fairly large break… I’ve decided to start afresh. This is going to be a blog about everything about me except for my family… That is anything and everything that catches my fancy…

Since I am today, what I am, because of the grace of God… I have accordingly named my blog…

I am a Roman Catholic, & proud to be so…

I am pro-life, believe in all the teachings of the Catholic Church….

I love & very often ask the intercession of the Virgin Mary….

We say the family Rosary daily at home & take everyone to confession atleast once a month….

I do not make justifications nor give explanations for the same… These are the rules of the house.

My kids go to Catholic schools & are proud to do so….

Have a nice day, everyone…


A Journey Begins…

Lord our God, before you there are no secrets;
      nothing is hidden from your eyes
      and nothing happens without your permission.
Grant me the happiness of beginning this trip
      entrusted to you;
      permit me to go and to return in peace and tranquility,
      in your infinite love and mercy.
Accompany me with your loving security
      and direct my footsteps
      with the steady love of your heart,
      keeping me always close to you, Lord.
May I see clearly the obstacles
      of my journey,
      and may I keep safe from affliction and despair,
      thanks to your blessing and care.
Blessed are you, O Eternal God;
      you have protected me in such a way
      that by the light of your presence
      I shall always find new roads
      and fulfilling answers to my yearnings.