Me- Who, What, Why & Where…

This is an attempt at an anonymous blog…

There have been too many things going on in my life these past couple of years…. Once an avid blogger, it all stopped with the upheavels of life, love & family….

A working mom to 3 kids. Life has become tough. Add an abusive husband who walked out on me & does not support me nor the kids, but takes the trouble to harrass me as and when it pleases him…. Not a life I would wish for anyone…. not even my enemy…

Being Roman Catholic & trusting in the power of God’s ability to convert even the most hardened sinner, I have opted not to seek a divorce… Just living apart for the sake of my safety.

Reason for Anonymity ???? – He is abusive on the internet too….

So I guess that means – no sharing anything about the kids or my family…. especiall not photographs….

So I guess that means I am going to have to be really imaginitve to come up with stuff to blog about….


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